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Privacy Policy

The observance such as laws and ordinances

We observe laws and ordinances about personal information and other models and deal with personal information in aptitude.

The acquisition of personal information

When we acquire personal information, we clarify use purpose and perform by aptitude and fair means as far as it is necessary for the purpose.

The use of personal information

When we use personal information, we use within the use purpose that we stated clearly in the acquisition.

Third party offer of personal information

We do not offer personal information to third party unless we fix for laws and ordinances without with consent of the person.

Management of personal information

We keep accuracy of personal information and currentness, and we manage safely and tamper with loss of personal information,
We realize information security measures that are necessary KATSU aptitude to prevent leaks.

Disclosure, correction, suspension, removal of personal information

The person discloses us about personal information and has right to demand correction, suspension, removal
We recognize thing and cope according to laws and ordinances immediately when there are these demands.

Development of personal information protection official regulations and continuous improvement

We devise personal information protection rule to carry out this privacy policy,
Furthermore, we review continuously and are improved.

April 1, 2006
Osaka underground shopping center company

From basement Osaka in spirit. Is heated; Chika has that both throb and ukiuki are fun though is heated.